Saturday, 23 June 2012

God suffers too

I was speaking with my partner, Toby, yesterday and he gave me a very interesting insight. I usually get very emotional about other people's problems, world problems that I just cannot help. I get frustrated and disgusted with how other human beings can treat one another, the environment and animals - I cannot understand how someone can be capable of such things, even down to simple spitefulness.

I get very worked up about these things. Then Toby made me realise that I have been given many blessings in this life time so far, God/dess has given me so much to be greatful for and it seems as if he/she has designed my life to give me the gifts to live a happy life. So why then am I spending so much time being upset about world issues? Surely this goes against what Divinity was trying to do for me?

He also said that the God and Goddess must look upon their world unable to help such issues and so if they can't help, how can I? -- This is not to say that I can't get involved in activism and try my best, but it is just suggesting that I should not allow it to overrun my life.

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