Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My Label and Universalism

There have been many videos on Youtube addressing the issue of spiritual labeling of late and so I wanted to give my input too.

For me, labels are a useful way of quickly identifying your path or religion to someone else. If you reply saying 'I don't have a label, I'm eclectic' it isn't very useful in understanding what it is you believe in, even if it is technically true. So I personally like to have a label on hand, but a quick explanation is always followed.
I identify as an Eclectic Pagan (or Wiccan) Witch. I qualify under the 'Eclectic/American' definition of a Wiccan, yet not the Traditional British one, and so the Pagan/Wiccan label often wavers. The truth is, I could be an 'Eclectic Pagan Witch' and an 'Eclectic Wiccan Witch' and either label would be true for me, but maybe a Traditional Wiccan would prefer that I did not use the latter?

The Eclectic part of my label is so important to me though, yet is the most ambiguous. I am a Pagan - I do not belong to the Abrahamic faiths, and I practice an Earth-Based Spirituality; however, this does not mean that the Abrahamic faiths do not hold any truth for me. When you call yourself an Eclectic Pagan nobody expects that Islam or Catholicism might be relevant there.

I believe that all religions lead to truth. If you want to build a puzzle to find the answers of the universe then what good is it to hold only one piece, or three? You really miss out if you are adamant to ignore Abrahamic faith (especially on moral/judgemental grounds). After all, Pagans are happy to boast the origins of Christmas and Easter, but then discredit those wise enough to apply the old ways to their own religion (the Christians).

World Religion is important to me and my path. I want to know the truth. I want to know God. I want to know the Earth and its inhabitants. And so maybe my label does not explain that to you at first sight, but saying that I am an 'Eclectic, Pagan, Wiccan, Witch, Hindu, Christian, Sufi, Buddhist' may be a bit silly ad confusing - likewise simply saying that I'm a 'Universalist' is just too broad to be understandable.

So really labels for me, are rather useless, but I think so long as it makes sense to me as my own identity then it suits me well.