Monday, 21 January 2013

Making Incenses

This week the group I am part of have are going to run a fundraising stall to earn some money for an event we aim to be holding soon, as so we have been working on different crafts to sell.
Some have made candles, jewelry and cakes to sell and I have been making incenses and a couple of spell bags so far. Below is a video of me explaining how I make loose incense :)

What I found interesting was that this craft easily feeds into my last post about Green Magick and Kitchen witchcraft, as it uses kitchen tools (mortar, pestle, spoon) and kitchen/green ingredients. I made a selection of incense blends for specific purposes and most of them smell quite good! I am no professional at this but I enjoy it. I looked at all the herbs I had and read on the label or intuited their magickal properties, putting them together according to that, smelling nice too! The Protection one does have garlic in - but I covered that up with Lemon oil; I wanted the garlic as I find that highly associated with protection. So in case you're interested here are my made up recipe's (Love is my favourite one!).

  • LOVE:
Rose petals, Hibiscus Flower, Patchouli, Frankincense and Myrrh Resin, Rose oil.

  • SLEEP:
Lavender, Vervain, Pennyroyal, Frankincense and Myrrh Resin, Lavender oil.

Chamomile, Comfrey, Basil, Frankincense and Myrrh Resin, Olive oil.

Yarror, Mugwort, Cinnamon, Frankincense and Myrrh Resin, Almond oil.

Solomon's Seal Bark, Agrimony, Comfrey, Garlic (only a little bit!!!), Frankincense and Myrrh Resin, Lemon Verbena oil.

Sage, Vervain, Lemon Balm, Frankincense and Myrrh Resin, Lemon Verbena oil. 

St Johns Wort, Vervain, Cinnamon, Frankincense and Myrrh Resin, Almond oil. 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Green/Kitchen Witchcraft

As some of you may have seen from some Facebook posts on my Pagyptsian page, I have quite recently developed an interest in experimenting with Green/Kitchen Witchcraft. Because a week is a long time ago i have forgotton what first sparked the idea in my mind... But after deciding that it would be fun to have a look into I read a book on Green witchcraft lent to me by a friend - and completed it as I had little else to do this week but read! :) 
I have been focused on my spirituality and its practices and connection to Deity for the first years of being a Pagan (maybe rightly so) and whilst I have experimented and practiced some spells and the like, it hasn't been a focal point of my path. I honestly, have the bare basic knowledge on runes, tarot and herbalism - the basics that we all learn at some point; other than working with crystals, I haven't developed any of these crafts yet, even though all appeal to me!
I particularly like the idea of Green Witchcraft - working with the earth and its natural elements, energies and tools within a practice of spiritual witchcraft; and I also like the idea of combining it with the practice of Kitchen Witchcraft - utilising the energies of natural food and cooking in the form of witchcraft.
To me, they go hand in hand as natures 'Green Energy' is of course infused within vegetables, fruits, herbs ect... that we use in cooking; why not use this energy for positive goals, as well as feeding ourselves? I like the idea of herbalism because it is a tangible form of healing that we see actively affecting the body, and it is the origin of the whole concept of a witch - wisewoman/man.

So yesterday I tried my hand at making some carrot soup, following the recipe on this website, and it was lovely!:
I wrote a list of the healing properties of the ingredients as well as the magickal which are as follows:
Carrot - Fertility and health 
Onion - Protection, healing and prosperity 
Celery - Love and concentration 
Basil - Purification

No sooner had I formulated the idea of having a go at this than I walked into The Works (a discount bookshop in the UK) and before my very eyes was a book of Kitchen Witchcraft by Soraya. Is the universe trying to give me that nudge in this direction or what?

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Wherever she goes...

This is something a wrote, inspired by someone I know. (Please do not pass this around without permission.)

Wherever she goes...

She is a person, just like me and you.
And she is different and unique
just like me and you.

She lives on the fringe of religion,
Not quite fitting into one
and not quite fitting into the others.

Many may criticise and tell her she's doing it wrong,
Many may say her path is impossible to fulfill
but maybe she knows something that we don't.

Maybe she has learnt something that only she understands.
But she understands it
and she lives happily with it in her heart.

It must be special to be with God wherever you go.
She walks into a church, with a gleaming altar and cross
and she sees God's love shining through the coloured glass.

She answers the Muslim call of prayer in her heart.
She touches her head to the ground
and listens to Gods words.

She walks outside to greet the day.
She holds her hands against the trees 
and feels the spirit of God all around.

It must be special to see children of God wherever you go.
She greets all with peace and love
for all are her brothers and sisters under the Creator.

She is one who is with God wherever she goes.
Who meets with God in all places 
and who lives in peace with all who she meets.

She is a person, just like me and you.
And she is different and unique
just like me and you.

She lives on the fringe of religion,
Not quite fitting into one 
and not quite fitting into the others.

by Pagyptsian

Saturday, 5 January 2013

A New Year

This is the first New Year that I have actually taken as a significant event. Perhaps it was the hype over this particular solstice? But I am so ready for this year!
Three days before the solstice I went through a visualisation before bed. It was a journey through to the Isle of Avalon, a place I had journeyed to a month before. I returned to the Mother Cave beneath the hills and opposite the pool of water and upon approaching the Prehistoric image of the Goddess the cave turned into a red glow and water poured out from either side of the Goddess and through Her hands, down to the pool. With this running water in the red glow I realised how small I was and found the cave to be the womb of the Goddess, Her belly extending out as the hills. This imagery, to me, reflected the rebirth of the solstice, and consequently with myself in the womb, my own rebirth (my birthday was to come the day after the solstice in fact!).
With this journey my excitement grew for the rebirth of the year, where previously my celebrations had taken place early December to avoid Christmas business. I wrote down my goals for the year and things that I was greatful of in my BOS so I could look back at them in a years time and see what I have achieved.
With the coming of the New Secular Year, I have established my routine and what I want to do.

1) As started in December, I plan to read the whole Bible in a year. 
2) I have been given a Spell-a-Day almanac that so far I have been following daily; I haven't been copying the exact ideas in the book, but have been doing similar things and making annotations of what I do on each page.
3) Make a 'Good Things' Jar to add to throughout the year whenever something good happens.
4) Visit Glastonbury.
5) Meet my FOI guide in London to continue my Priestess training.

What an interesting year it has been! The Olympics at home, a trips to Avebury and Witchfest, completeting my first year at Uni, new friends and a new nephew on the way...
2013 I really feel will be one to remember as well.

Blessed Be everyone!