Saturday, 5 January 2013

A New Year

This is the first New Year that I have actually taken as a significant event. Perhaps it was the hype over this particular solstice? But I am so ready for this year!
Three days before the solstice I went through a visualisation before bed. It was a journey through to the Isle of Avalon, a place I had journeyed to a month before. I returned to the Mother Cave beneath the hills and opposite the pool of water and upon approaching the Prehistoric image of the Goddess the cave turned into a red glow and water poured out from either side of the Goddess and through Her hands, down to the pool. With this running water in the red glow I realised how small I was and found the cave to be the womb of the Goddess, Her belly extending out as the hills. This imagery, to me, reflected the rebirth of the solstice, and consequently with myself in the womb, my own rebirth (my birthday was to come the day after the solstice in fact!).
With this journey my excitement grew for the rebirth of the year, where previously my celebrations had taken place early December to avoid Christmas business. I wrote down my goals for the year and things that I was greatful of in my BOS so I could look back at them in a years time and see what I have achieved.
With the coming of the New Secular Year, I have established my routine and what I want to do.

1) As started in December, I plan to read the whole Bible in a year. 
2) I have been given a Spell-a-Day almanac that so far I have been following daily; I haven't been copying the exact ideas in the book, but have been doing similar things and making annotations of what I do on each page.
3) Make a 'Good Things' Jar to add to throughout the year whenever something good happens.
4) Visit Glastonbury.
5) Meet my FOI guide in London to continue my Priestess training.

What an interesting year it has been! The Olympics at home, a trips to Avebury and Witchfest, completeting my first year at Uni, new friends and a new nephew on the way...
2013 I really feel will be one to remember as well.

Blessed Be everyone!