Thursday, 17 January 2013

Green/Kitchen Witchcraft

As some of you may have seen from some Facebook posts on my Pagyptsian page, I have quite recently developed an interest in experimenting with Green/Kitchen Witchcraft. Because a week is a long time ago i have forgotton what first sparked the idea in my mind... But after deciding that it would be fun to have a look into I read a book on Green witchcraft lent to me by a friend - and completed it as I had little else to do this week but read! :) 
I have been focused on my spirituality and its practices and connection to Deity for the first years of being a Pagan (maybe rightly so) and whilst I have experimented and practiced some spells and the like, it hasn't been a focal point of my path. I honestly, have the bare basic knowledge on runes, tarot and herbalism - the basics that we all learn at some point; other than working with crystals, I haven't developed any of these crafts yet, even though all appeal to me!
I particularly like the idea of Green Witchcraft - working with the earth and its natural elements, energies and tools within a practice of spiritual witchcraft; and I also like the idea of combining it with the practice of Kitchen Witchcraft - utilising the energies of natural food and cooking in the form of witchcraft.
To me, they go hand in hand as natures 'Green Energy' is of course infused within vegetables, fruits, herbs ect... that we use in cooking; why not use this energy for positive goals, as well as feeding ourselves? I like the idea of herbalism because it is a tangible form of healing that we see actively affecting the body, and it is the origin of the whole concept of a witch - wisewoman/man.

So yesterday I tried my hand at making some carrot soup, following the recipe on this website, and it was lovely!:
I wrote a list of the healing properties of the ingredients as well as the magickal which are as follows:
Carrot - Fertility and health 
Onion - Protection, healing and prosperity 
Celery - Love and concentration 
Basil - Purification

No sooner had I formulated the idea of having a go at this than I walked into The Works (a discount bookshop in the UK) and before my very eyes was a book of Kitchen Witchcraft by Soraya. Is the universe trying to give me that nudge in this direction or what?


  1. Hi! You have a great blog here and I intend to spend some time reading more! I found you on youtube where you mentioned artwork and I'm wondering if you have any online. I'd love to check it out!
    I'm an artist as well, I have some work at and at I've been drawing/painting lots of fairies and subjects of that nature lately, though I have none online yet.
    I think you are lovely and have a very warm energy and I want to ask if you would mind if I did some drawings with your likeness, or as close as I can get to it anyway, and if they turn out well post them on one or both of these sites.
    Keep up the great work!


    1. Hello there! Thanks very much :)
      I have a deviant art account also,
      Although I am thinking about revamping it all.
      I'd be interested in a likeness of me, yes :) thank you!

    2. Well, I posted a couple of the paintings I made with you in mind. They are little more than sketches really, but I hope you like them!

    3. Thank you! The Olivia Faerie 2 one? It's really nice! I love your other artwork too! :)