Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Baha'i view of Religion

I recently read a leaflet on 'The Baha'i Faith, What is it?' and was immediately surprised to hear my own words within some parts of its description! I wanted to share some of the paragraphs that I liked the best about their view on world religions and God. you may not agree with the teachings of Messengers of 'Oneness of God' but I think there is still a wisdom to be learnt in it. (There is more to say, for the Baha'i and myself, but this is what I found important in the short leaflet; also the use of 'Him' is meant in a neutral way):

          "They believe that there has only ever been one religion  - the religion on God. God sent His Messengers to different places at different times so that everyone in the world could hear about Him.

Baha'is believe that there is only one God, though people may call Him by different names. God is something we can never really understand: we can only learn about Him through His creation and His Messengers.

Baha'is follow Baha'u'llah, the latest in a long line of Messenagers sent by God to tell us how we should live and behave... 

...Baha'is believe that Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, Moses and Krishna were all Messengers from God...

...It was only their social teachings which were different: this is because they were meant for a particular time and place...

...In a few places in the world there are large Houses of Worship which are open to everybody, whatever their religion.

Women will be treated equally with men and they will use their influence to help bring about peace in the world.

When it comes down to it, it is the people of the world who have to change to the world. and we can only start with ourselves."