Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Drawn to the Sacred

Over the last 5 years of studying religion, in particular Pagan religions and lately Abrahamic, I have had many mixed feelings and confusion. When I found things that ringed true for me in the Abrahamic faiths I questioned whether these faiths had got it right, and whether they were the right way; then logic told me that that couldn't be, if other beliefs that did not belong to these faiths also ringed true to me. There had to be a mixture of truth and falsehood in all religions. 

I have spoken about Universalism before and how I believe in truth residing in all religions. I believe in Goddess, who is masculine and feminine and neither, One and many all at once; She is the Divine Being who has made Herself known to all faiths and even non-religious people.

There is a difference between being religious and being spiritual. I know people who are deeply religious but who lack any spirituality; I know spiritual people who are not religious; and I know people who are a mixture of the two.

I've found that I have been called to my own Eclectic path because I am drawn to the sacred, which can be found in all religions. 

I am drawn to the sacred standing stones and Pagan rituals in ancient woodlands.
I am drawn to the sacred headscarf and song of Quranic verses.
I am drawn to the sacred icon of the Virgin and child in the cathedrals.
I am drawn to the sacred dances and mantras of the Hindu traditions.
And so on and on...

The sacred exists in all of these religions, and even outside of religion, within the natural world and the ancient ruins of civilisation. There is no need to restrict yourself to just one source of sacredness and you can explore as much of it as you can.


  1. I can relate to you as I experience these feelings as well. I find the most challenging part of my spirituality is not finding which path to follow, but how to be true to the unique path that we only find within.

  2. I'm also drawn to a more eclectic path, so this blog post really resonates with me.