Sunday, 26 May 2013


I feel the need to comment upon the Islamaphobia that has increased over this Woolwich murder. I can't talk about this topic enough and sadly the fear is so ingrained in society that it'll be hard to budge.
It's such a huge topic and my arguments about it mirror those of so many others. I see countless anti-Islamic rhetoric circulating online and in person because of this terrible murder and all of the others committed in the name of Islam. I feel deeply sorry for the innocent Muslims who are suffering blame for this. Innocent people (who happen to believe in Islam) have even been murdered - to call justice for a crime that someone else committed (who happened to use Islam as an excuse to kill). People who are Middle Eastern in appearance, who may not even follow Islam at all (who may be Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or Atheist for all we know) are even being targeted! There is NO sense in this.
In order to murder someone or commit and atrocity there has to be something deeply wrong with you. 
I have Muslim friends who, just like me, would not be capable of such a thing. Just like any normal person! Any psychopath can commit a crime and blame it on whatever pleases them: Islam, Christianity, the Economy, the class system, famine in Africa, adultery, it being a Monday morning! That doesn't then mean that the thing they blame is necessarily at fault - but they are. If the thing blamed happened to produce this kind of result in EVERY person exposed to it then, yes, maybe there is a problem. But let's look statistically at the majority of innocent Muslims there are, and the MINORITY who have committed these crimes.
We could go back in time and look at other group-centered crimes. How about the numerous Christian crusades and their mass murder of innocent people? Christian's are included in the people critisising the Muslim minority group today - yet in the name of Jesus their faith represented the same act. Their faith was REPRESENTED by this dreadful act, but that does not mean the faith has anything to do with it. Jesus taught about peace and love and forbade murder - yet here we are with armies marching in and slaughtering innocent people (men, women and children) in his name. The same is happening in a modern context in the name of Allah.
In some cases their murderers have been indoctrinated by messed up, sick individuals whose ideology has passed on. Again, this is originating with someone who has misunderstood the religious teachings and is mentally ill, passing these teachings on to either vulnerable children or equally sick individuals. These are the people who need to be stopped and dealt with - not every Muslim. Just like it is the white murdering rapist who needs to be dealt with, and not every white male. 
This anti-Islamic media coverage and manipulation, and the misinformed, upset and frightened public opinion, a dangerous situation is appearing. Anyone can be a Muslim, a black man from Liverpool, a white female working at Sainsbury's, a teenager going through a tough time at home.  But not just anyone can be a murderer. Being a Muslim is nothing special. Just like being a Christian isn't, or being a Conservative, or a Labour-voter. By spreading this hate we are tearing ourselves apart, hurting our neighbours and our friends and innocent people who have no connection to these crimes.
Hate the the crime and stop the criminal. Keep people safe. This generalised hate towards a whole population of people is not keeping people safe at all.


  1. I completely agree with you

  2. I tried explaining this to the anti-Muslim protestors but they became hateful and angry toward me. I understand they are angry, and they have a right to be, and I understand that they are scared. But we cannot let anger and fear determine our laws and policies, otherwise we end up with another Nazi Germany. Laws of generalization will always come back to bite you in the end. If an entire religious group is liable for the actions of a few in their group, then that can easily extend to race, gender, social status, political affiliation, you name it. It's a very dangerous road to travel down. As a Hellenic Polytheist, I know that my people were murdered by Christians and that America still has places where Polytheists and other non-Christians are attacked and even killed. But I don't suggest that all Christians be punished or that Christianity be banned. We must judge each person by their own actions. You are judged by what you do, not by what your mom, dad, or friends do.

  3. I have tried before to tell people that Christianity has blood on its hands, too. But the ones to whom I tried telling this refused to listen, or even acknowledge the historical truth. I am an American, born & raised in the deep, conservative South; however, I am fascinated by Middle Eastern culture, cuisine, the old religions, etc. I especially love all things Egyptian. It saddens me a lot to see such discrimination of these people.