Sunday, 23 June 2013

Solstice Waters

I have recently made a video talking about the significance of water during the festival of Litha/Summer Solstice: 
To sum up the video, I spoke about the fact that in Britain is almost always rains on the summer solstice. There are a lot of grumbles and complaints about this, of which I do understand (we all want to greet the rising sun, and bask in its warmth on the beach!), but I think we need to accept that this rain is very much a part of this festival. If we had pure heat and sunshine at this time of year then there would be a drought; they'd be no greenery or gushing waterfalls, no flowers and no refreshment. In the warmth of summer sunshine (when it does appear) we rush to the sea or to pools and bathe in the water; we naturally want to be in the water at this time of year - think summer beach holidays. The water is absolutely essential at this time of year!
If we look at Wendy Andrew's Litha goddess in her wheel of the year art (see above) we see the Goddess pouring water in the summer sunshine. The chalice, the womb, the grail is full at midsummer ready to pour its bounty! Last year for my Litha celebration we were under cover and the rain was falling; the air was warm and green plants surrounded us all around and on the roof, dripping with excess water. It was stunning! This festival is where fire and water meet and are celebrated at the same time, celebrating unity and balance -  opposites that complement each other.
This Litha I went to Glastonbury to celebrate. We walked in the sunshine of the Chalice Well gardens, listened to the water of the White Spring, drank deep of the waters and were drops in the ocean of the watery ritual at the Goddess Hall. Although we did not see the sunrise on the 21st, we watched the sun go down and moon rise, and later arose at sunrise the next day for our ritual in which we pondered the story of Blodeuwedd and Lleu. We visited the Goddess Temple which was decorated with watery blues and stunning artwork (below); here I had my own watery revelations. Water is the element of the emotions and of release and healing. In the Goddess Hall ritual the Priestesses had spoke of the flow of emotions and letting them free; in recognising this I pondered my own feelings and experienced release in tears in the temple - which I hope were subtle and not too disruptive! I had to let them flow. I had to really acknowledge the core of my feelings and release them to be healed. Sometimes when you leave Glastonbury you get the Glastonbury-Blues, longing to stay; this time I took my experiences home with me and the waters are healing me.

Blessed Summer Solstice to all! )O(

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